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AMZ Ltd. is a distributor of technical sprays, manufactured by the Italian company SiliconiCommerciale S.p.A., applicable in various fields.


 Technical sprays for embroidery and sewing industry.

Takter 650 – Strong adhesive spray for embroidery and cut. Temporary adhesive spray indicated to fix the fabric during the embroidery and cuting phase. It neither stains nor tranfers on the fabrics.

Takter 500 – adhesive-spray 600 ml.

Takter 800 – New Temporary Adhesive spray for embroidery, formulated to keep steady firm the fabric during embroidery or cutting phase. It does not stain fabrics, nor textile machines.

Silicone Extra-Silicone spray.

SilVass –  Lubricant on a sowel base. Excellent lubricant for mechanical movements, hinges, locks, rubber and plastic parts, auto parts, parts of sewing and embroidery machines, sewing threads, weapons. Also suitable for protection of rubber, plastic and metal. Non-greasy and does not leave spots. For textile machines For hinges, locks For rubber products Odorless colorless.

Pulimak 1 – Spray to remove stains, based on highly degreasing solvents and dusts. They form a white powder that removes stains from fats, dirt, juices, ink, lipstick, and more. clothing, upholstery, textiles of all kinds and tapestries.

Pulimak 2 – Spray to remove tissues from tissues Strong stain cleaner Suitable for all types of fabrics Eliminate oil, spots, fats. It leaves no traces.

Applicable industries