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Masterbatches and additives


1. Masterbatches for  PEPPPSABS,PA, made by  LyondellBasell/ Advanced Polymer Solutions ( former A.Schulman ltd.)

White masterbatches

We offer wide range of white masterbatches with pigment content up to 80% ,based on different plastics. Can be used for many different applications and technologies.

Black Masterbatches

We offer a huge variety of types with different carbon black type and content Can be used to colour ABS, G-PS, HIPS, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PA,  PP.

More than 40 years A.Schulman is on of the market leaders in black masterbatch production which is with accordance with all world standards for food approval , toys, UV -stability etc. A.Schulman was acquisitioned in 2018 by LyondellBasell

Colour concentrates

Wide spectre of standard colours, as well as special effects (pearl, metallic , fluoroscent and phoshorescent ) based on  LLDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PA.
We can produce any colour by customer request in very short period. All colours can be produced with pigments suitable for outdoor applications. Minimum quantity per order is 25 kg.

2. Colourants for  PVC , made by  Holland Colours Apeldoorn (HCA), Holland

For more than 20 years AMZ is distributing Holland Colours Apeldoorn (HCA) products on Bulgarian market

Their colourants have the following advantages:

– Unique carrier with low melting temperature;

– Earlier dispersion and better homogenization compared with others;

– You can choose your colourant form;

– Custom made colours by request;

– Balanced recipes with high piugment content made specifically for the application in or outdoor;

– High quality, cost effective product.


– Pipes and fittings for water and gas in  colours according to  RAL 7011, RAL 8023, RAL 7037, RAL 1021;

– PVC profiles. Especially for extrusion of PVC profiles HCA made two of their most sophisticated type of colourants : 181. и 182., which do not influence the material reology and helps to achieve continuous trouble free extrusion process;

– Wall panels: Huge variety of colours for in or outdoor aplications. Our range include products with high temperature resistance and weather stability.

More information for these or other products you can find on www.hollandcolours.com


3. Colourants for  PET , made by  Holland Colours Apeldoorn (HCA), Holland

Holland Colours Apeldoorn (HCA) manufactures colourant  for PET in three different forms:

  • Holcobatch (microgranulate),
  • Holcopril (granules),
  • HolcoPET (liquid).


– Always the same quality and shade;

– Cost effective due to very low dosage;

– Certificates for different applications;

– Trouble free production process.

HCA can offer also the following additive for PET:

  • UV absorbers
  • AA Scavengers
  • Re-heat additives

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit   www.hollandcolours.com


4. Additives and special compounds made by  LyondellBasell/ Advanced Polymer Solutions ( former A.SchulmanLtd.)

Antiblock – easy open – bags , films

Antifog – frosen food applications, greenhouses

Slip / slip antiblock  – for films

Antioxidants – less gel formation, better and more stable process, thermostabiliser for extrusion ;


Antistatic – antistatic additive for packaging films

Barrier – for barrier film production;

Cling agents – for stretch film;

Desiccant concentrates – process stabilizer and moisture absorber

Foaming agents – decrease weight of application

Laser marking

UV stabilizers

Cleaning agents 

Processing aids

Degradable additive


Looks like paper, but is plastic. This is combination of additives and minerals which provide cheap solution in production of  cheap films. Can be used with blown or cast technologies. Can be coloured and it is food approved.

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