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Fuel Additives and Auto Cosmetics


AMZ Chemicals is a distributor of fuel additives and auto cosmetics products.



Benzin Treatment – Petrol treatment is a specially designed product that interferes multiply to the combustion system and improves the performance of all kinds of engines. Octane increase. Help for the right mixture explosion in the combustion chamber. Discourages the detuning of valves, knocking and kicking of the engine and the reverse turns. Compatible with all kinds of gas. Dosage : 250ml in 60-70 lit of fuel.

Benzin Clean – Petrol clean is specially designed so as to clean the entire feed system from carbon residues. It contains a special fluidiser that acts in the sensitive sector of valves removing residues and discourages the creation of new ones. Offers power and acceleration mostly to the multi-valve engines. Perfect cleaning and protection of residues of the carburettor. Clean combustion place. Clean valves. Correct dosage of fuel and excellent cloud removal. Compatible with all kinds of gas. Dosage : 250ml in 60-70 lit of fuel every 2000km.

Pro Gas – High technology product suitable for the protection of the gas-movementsystem. It fights residues effectively,removes moisture, protects the system against rust and corrossion. At the same time protects the valves from wear. Each can contains 120 ml,which is suitable for 60 lt LPG.

Diesel Treatment – The product works in the combustion chamber of the diesel engine, increases the number of ketones and assists the fuel quality of the fuel. It makes it easier to start the engine in the winter. Gives more power and better recruitment, reduces harmful gases and smoke from the exhaust, protects against rust and corrosion. Fuel savings 15%. Dosage: 250 ml – in 100 liters of diesel.

Diesel Clean – The product cleans the entire diesel system`s supply system from overburden and dirt. It cleans valves, nozzles and fuel chamber. Excellent product to stop the smoke coming out of the exhaust. Ensures correct fuel dosing and excellent combustion.

Diesel Packet – High technology package and improving all types of diesel fuels. Antifoam Stabilizer, refinement engine Nozzle protection Antioxidant and anti-corrosion Excellent aqueous dispersion Powerful burners – optimal performance. Cetane Enhancers.

Diesel additive BARDAHL BDC – Less fuel consumption. Bardahl BDC ensures that the diesel, which is injected each time, at the maximum and at the correct moment is sprayed in the cylinders. In this way the engine runs better and the output increases. And a better, more complete combustion of the injected fuel, leads automatically up to more pk. 2. Cleaner combustion because carbon deposits are prevented. Bardahl BDC contain additives which clean the sprayers and the fuel system is cleaned continuously carbon deposits are prevented. This results in less detrimental exhaust gases and a lower fuel consumption. 3. Removing moisture from the fuel and recover the fuel perfect conditioning. Everyone knows the impact of too much moisture in the fuel. This can cause rust and bacterium can be shaped. These 2 processes work destroying for diesel sprayers. 4. The sprays remain clean. If partes of the sprayers are clogged up with varnish, the fuel quantity will be 20 up to 33% less, which leads to loss of output and power.

Bardahl – TURBO PROTECT -Turbo Protect Enhances the II efficiency of motor oil for cars with or without turbo. Bardahl Oil Booster + Turbo Protect contains the “polar attraction formula” which is a unique concentrate of polar organic compounds and extreme pressure agents. These chemicals bond to metal, forming a molecular film that won’t burn up or scrape away, even under the high pressures and temperatures in today’s engines. This film stays in place when the engine stops it won’t drain off. Bardahl’s full-time protection does several things: 1. Reduces wear – It smoothes the microscopic peaks and valleys that cause friction, and less friction means less heat. 2. Cleans deposits – it undermines and clears away varnish and carbon and helps prevent further formation. It also protects against corrosion that can occur during shutdown. 3. Leaves an extreme pressure, antiwear, antifriction lubricating film on the turbo’s.

Bardahl Cetane Booster -Octane Booster Increases the octane rate up to 5 points. Deposits in the combustion chamber, improper timing or too low an octane fuel are all causes of engine ‘knock’. Combustion chamber deposits can also result in after-run or continued combustion of gasoline after the engine is shut down. Periodic tune-up of gasoline spark-ignition engines will assure proper timing of spark plug firing and prevent this cause of engine ‘knock’. Engine deposits can alter the effective compression ratio of an engine as well as be a an unwanted source of ignition. Such deposits can cause pre-ignition and detonation. Pre-ignition is ignition of the gasoline/air mixture before the spark plug ignites this mixture and results in ‘knock’. Detonation can also be result from use of too low an octane fuel for an engine. The use of Bardahl Octane Booster increases gasoline octane and brings about a controlled, more uniform gasoline combustion, reducing knock from pre-ignition and detonation. Bardahl Octane Booster’s action also inhibi.

Bardahl – Fuel Treatment Gasoline -Fuel Treatment A fuel additive which keeps the fuel in good condition. Bardahl Fuel Treatment is a unique blend of ash less detergents, polymers an solvents clean up and keep clean carburetors or fuel injector tips and other fuel system parts allowing your car to get its maximum gas mileage. Our ash less polymer helps remove intake valve deposits reducing wear an seating problems, while leaving no deposits of its own. A rust and corrosion inhibitor in Bardahl Fuel Treatment helps to prevent corrosion of fuel injector tips and fuel lines. Solvents and detergents in this Bardahl product will keep EGR and PCV valves clean, helping to prevent their malfunction.

Valve Cleaner – The product acts on the sensitive part of the valves. It protects from overlaps and clears the valves. It helps the engine to work smoother. in 50 liters of fuel.

Fuel – Fuel thanks to its special characteristics cleans gas jets and absorbs water and residues from the reservoir so as to achieve a perfect cleaning of the fuel. It also protects the feed system from ice, rust and corrosion. Compatible with all kind of fuel. Dosage : 250 ml in 100 lit of fuel every 2 months or every 2000 km. During winter (cold – rain – snow) put 250 ml in 100 lit of fuel once a month or every 1000 km.

DPF Cleaner – Oil deposit for zero deposits. Appropriate for the regeneration of carbon black from particulate filters. FOR ACTIVE REGENERATION: place in the special kit (fixed automatic dispenser container) to the PSA tank engine type. FOR PASSIVE REGENERATION: Pour 250 ml. in the tank (for very clogged filters are poured with 500 ml.

Bardahl – Long Life 6 in 1 -Concentrated treatment, formulated to increase the anti-wear and anti-friction performance of engine oils. It contains a unique formula based on Fullerene molecules able to coat the mechanical parts of the motor and form a resistant anti-friction film at extreme pressures against wear and corrosion. THE PROBLEM Wear of the metal components of the engine Decay of lubricant performance THE SOLUTION Protects the engine during cold starts and in the most stressful conditions of use Decreases consumption, both oil and fuel, up to 10% Improve the performance of the lubricating oil film even at high temperatures without changing the viscosity and characteristics of your oil METHOD OF USE In addition or after oil change, pour a package into the engine oil tank A package treats up to 6 liters of oil Recommended since the first oil change For all 4T engines (petrol – diesel – LPG – turbo) Mixable with all oils, compatible with catalytic converters and anti-particulate filters.

Bardahl Radiator stop leak -Radiator Stop Leak Stops and prevents leaks in the cooling system. Bardahl Radiator Stop Leak remains dormant in the coolant until it finds a leak. Then its fibrous filler joins with its sealant to form a plastic seal, stopping the leak or seep. The fiber hooks on the leak edges, forming a mat; the sealant penetrates the mat and hardens as it contacts the air. this seal is tough enough to withstand the pressure and the temperatures in the system and pliable enough to survive jolts and vibrations. Because Bardahl Cooling System Stop Leak doesn’t work until it’s needed its use now protects against future leaks. Do not add more than prescribed, this may have an adverse effect.

Extra outboards – Specially designed improver that interferes multiply to the feed system and combustion system of all kinds of outboard engines. Perfect cleaner for the feed and combustion system while discourages the creation of carbon residues. Offers protection against corrosion and rust. Effective help for the right mixture and the right explosion in the combustion place. Effectively acts on the sensitive sector of valves for clean valves and seats. Increases gas’ octane. Cleans the reservoir from water and dissolves mud and dirt residues. Gives an easy start up and discourages knocking and kicking of the engine. Regularizes fully the operation of the outboard and adds power. Compatible with all kinds of gas. Dosage: 250 ml – in 60-70 lit gas.

Extra moto – gas and octane improver  – Specially designed improver that intervenes multiply on the feed and combustion system of motorcycles 2T & 4T of all kinds. Perfect cleaning of the feed and combustion system while discourages carbon residues. Offers protection against rust and corrosion. Perfect cleaning of carburettors. Effectively helps for the right mixture and explosion in the combustion place. Effectively acts on the sensitive place of valves and offers clean valves. Increases gas octane. Cleans the reservoir and dilutes mud and dirt residues. Gives an easy start up and discourages knocking and engine kicks. Increases power and acceleration of the engine. Compatible with all kinds of gas Dosage: 250 ml – in 60-70 lit gas.

Winterflow – Specially developed product that helps the flow of diesel at low temperatures in the winter. It achieves this result by preventing paraffin crystals contained in diesel fuel effectively acting on the paraffin coupling point (CFPP) and their flow point (PP). One pack is enough for 1000 lit. diesel. Provides protection up to -27 ° C.

Two stroke oil – With special additives suitable for the fuel system of two-stroke engines, motorcycles, chainsaws and more. The product covers the JASO FB / ISO-L-EGB specifications. Directions for use: Unscrew the cap of the dosing tank, squeeze the bottom of the bottle until the preferred amount of lubricant is filled into the tank. Dosage: Mix ratio of 2% gasoline.

Two Stroke oil Plus – Mix 2T Plus Semi-synthetic oil with special additives suitable for the fuel system of two-stroke engines, all kinds of motorcycles, including racing. The product covers the specifications: API TC / JASO FD / ISO-L-EGB / PIAGGIO HEXAGON. Directions for use: Unscrew the cap of the dosing tank, squeeze the bottom of the bottle until the required amount of lubricant is placed in the reservoir. Dosage: Ratio of mixture with gasoline 2%.

Cola Oil – Chain oil Specially developed for chainsaws, chain saws and industrial machines to provide: Continuous lubrication without oil separation from the chain and the chain guide during rotation. The oil enters the chain guide, adheres to the walls, cutting teeth, wheels and chain links, providing excellent controlled lubrication and economy.


MManic Super – Cleaning fluid with accompanying liquid. Do not use a brush or sponge in 90% of the cases. Suitable for cleaning trucks, cars and ships. The mixture is diluted easy in the water. After spraying the surface, simply rinse with plenty of water. For every kilogram of powder, 250 ml. accompanying fluid. Dosage: cars 1% – trucks 2-5% in water.

Superfast color – Non-contact detergent High foam and detergent where active foam covers the entire surface of the vehicle. It cleans smoothly and safely without using a brush or sponge USE automatic brushes or with foam impregnation. DOSAGE from 1% to 5%.

Glass Cleaner – Ideally cleans the glass without leaving any stains. Neutralizes the pollution from cigarette smoke, static electricism, repels the dust and gives perfect visibility while riding. USAGE: Spray onto the glass. Next pass lightly with a cloth or paper. DOSAGE: Used without dilution.

Silicone Emulsion Black Mat – Emulsion, transmits a matte effect on the treated surface and it maintains. Appropriate for: o Kalchuk o Plastic o Wood diluted in water 1: 1 – 1: 5.

Gloss for rubber Roda – Multi-emulsion, transmits gloss on the treated surface and it maintains. Appropriate for: Kalchuk Plastic Wood diluted in water 1: 1 – 1: 3

Insect Clean – Its formula perfectly cleans the car body and glasses from insects. It also preserves the color, creating a wax film after use.

Rimer alloy wheels – A specially developed product that cleans and polishes rims and aluminum parts of the car. It does not damage the paint and gives a strong shine. Safely when using aluminum alloy wheels, nickel and iron. USE: Sprinkle or apply with a cloth and rub, after 2 minutes, the washes with plenty of water. DOSAGE: Use without dilution.

Escape against rain – The preparation is applied to the outside of the glass, repels the raindrops. Reduces the use of windscreen wipers. Provides good visibility when it is raining and at the same time discouraging salt residues on the glass.

Air Freshener – Leaf 1 carton x 60 pcs

Brake Fluid – DOT 4

Brake Fluid – DOT 5.1

Brake Degreaser Block – Fast evaporator degreaser.

Winter screen wash – Winter fluid for wipers -40 degrees, on an ethylic basis.

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