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Industrial Cleaners


Industrial Degreasing

Service Cleaner – Degreasing and cleaning agent-concentrate. Removes organic pollutants, especially mineral oils, even from porous surfaces. Used as an effective shampoo for washing large machines, tractors, trucks, awnings and more. Very well removes insects from cars and trucks. Used for both manual and machine wash.

Super clean degreaser – Fast evaporating degreaser. For cleaning spare parts before repairs. Degreasing and cleaning surfaces before painting. Cleans and degreases contaminated surfaces in workshops as well as engines of various types of machines. Removes different adhesives.



Acid 12 – High performance cleaning agent and hydrofluorocarbon based defoamer properties. It is used for cleaning and imparting shine to stainless steel, aluminum and other acid-resistant surfaces. It completely removes all kinds of dirt, including rust, limescale and cement.

TNT – Professional gel for quick-drainage of canals, heavier than water. Dissolves organic overlays, works immediately upon contact with water. It can also be used for preventive purposes.


Hand Cleaning Paste

Hande – paste – Handwash for industrial use. It does not contain phosphates. Nourishes the skin. Contains walnuts, glycerin and orange oil.

Hande paste Liquid Orange – Laundry hand gel for industrial application. It does not contain phosphates. Nourishes the skin. Contains walnuts, glycerin and orange oil.


Cleaning of soft fabrics 

Orange intensive – Soft fabric cleaner (textile, carpet, etc.). The product is diluted 1: 100. It can be used both for manual cleaning and for machine (extractor and single disc machine).


Leather Cleaners 

Leather cleaner – Skin cleanser. It can be applied without dissolution in manual use. Treat the treated surfaces and leave them for about 5 minutes, then wash them with clean water. Do not allow the preparation to dry.


Auto Cosmetic Preparations

Ultra car-wash shampoo CB pH – High-performance detergent for manual and contactless cleaning, suitable for all types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses and more. Immediately and effectively removes dirt, mud, exhaust, grease … Contains amines that help to instantly remove insects. It cleans the car body as well as tarpaulin (nylon or cloth) by using pressure. Multifunctional product. Can be used to clean aluminum, fiberglass, painted truck panels at a recommended dosage. It does not contain phosphates. Completely biodegradable.

Wagen Cleaner – High-performance auto-shampoo for non-contact washer. Immediately and efficiently removes static overlaps, combustion gases, mud, greasy deposits and grease. It dissolves in both soft and hard water.

Glass Clean – Cleaning agent for windows, granite, ceramics and laminate. 5 liters. The product is diluted 1: 100.

SmellStop – A preparation for long-lasting removal of unpleasant odors.

Winter screen wash -40 C° blue – Winter fluid for wipers – 40 degrees, on an ethylic basis.